Service Oriented Status Monitoring for DIP Middleware
B.Copy* (CERN)
DIP is a middleware infrastructure developed at CERN to allow lightweight communications between the various distributed components of a control system (such as detector control systems or gas control systems). DIP publications are currently subject to a lack of visibility from the CERN general purpose network and a lack of formal service level agreements between information publishers and consumers. The DIP contract management system adresses these limitations by providing a publication monitoring tool that can make available both publication data and publication status on the web through a javascript API for inclusion in web pages and integration with advanced AJAX libraries (such as the Google Web Toolkit Visualization API). It also performs status information logging, and advertises such information in the form of DIP publications (to ease integration with SCADA systems such as PVSS). We will demonstrate how complex structured information can be easily made available to a large array of consumers through the usage of the Spring framework and the multiple configuration based adapters it offers to a vast choice of communication protocols.
CERN - EN Department