Evaluating the OMG Data Distribution Service for Accelerator Control Systems
N.Wang, S.Shasharina (Tech-X Boulder)
As accelerators become bigger, traditional ways of building the control systems based on a single framework no longer scale. A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) adopting both RPC and a MOM standard service buses promotes multiple levels of loose coupling to increase the robustness and adaptability of overall control applications without sacrificing performance. The emerging OMG DDS specification defines a data-centric communication standard with rich supports for quality-of-service. It is especially suited as the SOA's MOM service bus for control systems. DDS helps extend the real-time data available from the proven control development framework such as EPICS, as standard services and data exchanges between services in a SOA environment. In this paper, we review various features in the OMG DDS standards and their applications in control applications. We also illustrate how, collaborating with Web Services, DDS fits into a SOA for accelerator control systems. Finally, we present and evaluate performance benchmarking results of several DDS implementations, including an EPICS-DDS, which is an open source implementation of OMG DDS.
*: http://www.ordinal.fr/