Status Report of the LMJ (Laser Mgajoule) Control System
J.I.Nicoloso, J.I.Nicoloso* (CEA) F.P.Signol, J.C.Picon (CESTA)
The French Commissariat l'nergie Atomique (CEA) is currently building the Laser MegaJoule (LMJ), a 240-beam laser facility, at the CEA Laboratory CESTA near Bordeaux. It is designed to deliver about 2 MJ of energy to targets for high energy density physics experiments, including fusion experiments. LMJ technological choices were validated with the LIL, a scale 1 prototype of one LMJ bundle. The construction of the LMJ building itself is now achieved and the assembly of laser components is on-going. The presentation gives an overview of the control system architecture and focuses on the way it was divided between the dozen of contractors involved in the LMJ design. We will discuss also how we tried to preserve system consistency by developing a common framework shared by the different contractors. This framework is based on the PANORAMA E2 industrial SCADA and includes WCF technology for subsystems communication. It is intended to integrate all the common components and rules for configuring, controlling and operating a large facility, so that developers has only to concentrate on process specific tasks.