TINE Video System: Proceedings on Redesign
P.Duval (DESY) A.Shapovalov, D.Melkumyan, S.Weisse* (DESY Zeuthen)
Experience has shown that imaging software and hardware installations at accelerator facilities needs to be changed, adapted and updated on a semi-permanent basis. The past TINE-based Video System*, initiated at PITZ**, has undergone a thorough redesign after years of operation and upgrading in order to extend interoperability and cope with new challenges while still staying flexible. Emphasis was placed on flexibility, avoiding redundancies, good documentation, component-based architecture, multi-platform capability and ease of use as well as reuse. This contribution will show the current status of the redesign as well as the near and far future outlook. The main focus is put on the Java-based TINE ACOP Video Bean and its integration into jDDD and COMA, PNG file format support, core applications and services as well as universal slow control for cameras. Moreover, the Video System acts as a basis for advanced high-level software applications such as semiautomatic Emittance Measurement Wizard (EMWiz). Although the outlined Video System implementation is integrated into TINE control system***, it is modular enough so that integration into other control systems can be considered.
* S. Weisse et al., "Status of a versatile Video System at PITZ, DESY-2 and EMBL Hamburg", ICALEPCS 2007, Knoxville, TN, USA** http://pitz.desy.de*** http://tine.desy.de