New Hardware and Software Developments for the XFEL
K.Rehlich* (DESY)
The European XFEL is planned to be commissioned in 2013. This is time enough to consider modern and adequate technologies. After an evaluation phase, State of the art TCA and ATCA hardware were selected as the core platform for the project. Ethernet and PCIe are the central communication links. Full remote management, hot-swap capabilities as well as a redundant architecture are further key features of this new standard. Java was selected as the programming language for the client applications. Two new DOOCS tools, written in Java, were created: the so called jDTool and jddd. jDTool is a generic data browser with spread sheet and plot capabilities. jddd is a full featured, easy to use display editor to create flexible control system user interfaces. Both tools can communicate directly with DOOCS, Tine, Tango and EPICS. The experience with the new hardware platform and the new applications will be discussed.