Control System Studio - Integrated Operating, Configuration and Development
H.R.Rickens, M.Moeller, M.R.Clausen, M.R.Clausen* (DESY)
Control System Studio (CSS) is a platform for many kinds of different control system applications based on Eclipse. Many applications are now available in CSS for operating, configuration and development of control system related projects. Since CSS provides common interfaces, a plug-in structure and common data types it is possible that all applications are tightly connected and can for instance exchange data objects. The presentation will give an overview of the configuration and development tools and a short update of new features in the operating plugins. With the Database Creation Tool (DCT) EPICS databases can be structured hierarchically with prototypes, instances and parameters. It provides an extension to set the hardware addresses for in- and output channels by the IO Configurator that holds the device structure. Applications like SNL Editor and Debugger support programming control systems while other tools manage the device namespace or alarm system. In the future it is planned to add a control system (EPICS) IDE in CSS which shall help to configure and set up front-end-controllers for control systems.