Cryogenics Controls in the ISAC-II Superconducting RF Accelerator
D.Dale, E.Tikhomolov, H.Hui, K.Langton, M.LeRoss, R.B.Nussbaumer*, R.Keitel, T.Howland (TRIUMF)
The TRIUMF ISAC-II superconducting heavy ion linear accelerator is composed of eight cryomodules containing a total of 40 superconducting radio frequency cavities. This paper describes the control system for delivery of liquid Helium and liquid Nitrogen, and quench protection of accelerator components. We discuss integration of the ISAC EPICS-based control system with the control systems for two turn-key Helium refrigerators, details related to the delivery system and it's interface to other accelerator elements. Anticipated and ongoing control system upgrades are described.