Holographic Plasma Control Program
C.A.Lobo* (CMV)
The LHC is embedded by a cosmic superconductor for currents that couple to electroweak particles located in dust plasma sun-galaxy environment. LHC, as baryonic-made nanoplasma dual-ring running through data management processes and interactions, cause weak connectivity in hardware control system, like cumulative field errors of superconducting magnets and global buckling. It's outlined a program module that assembly ontological conceptual parameters. The beamline is defined by filamentary plasma parameters with Dustt/MAD. A reference low-emitter x-ray beams to forbid pulsed planar expansion of ionized nanoplasma off a surface at injection system is set. Dustt/Vorpal/EJB programs simulate the plasma-cell. Forth stacks the antenna sensor. Nanocalibration of optical microbunches must constrain beam interlocks override. A thermionic 3D X-ray holography plasma mirror monitor retranscript channel-oriented optical layout. Installing motion-compensated frame interpolation into J2EE, locked lasers to calibrate PLC with atosecond reply timing at Scada servers, stochastic grid maps for arc-sector visual attention at Oracle servers could describe internal transitions ensuring safe operations.
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