New ESRF's BPM System for the Storage Ring Using Libera Brilliance Device
F.Epaud* (ESRF)
The ESRF has entirely replaced the control of the Storage Ring Beam Position Monitors. 224 intelligent controllers (Libera-Brilliance) have replaced the former system working for 17 years. The orbit feedback software, reads the orbit parameters from these devices via a set of hierarchical TANGO device servers. This challenging upgrade has been done progressively over 3 months without interrupting the operation of the ESRF. This paper describes the architecture of both Slow and fast Orbit Feedback control systems with a particular focus on the challenges linked to the data flow generated by this high number of devices. It makes a point on the tools developed for installation and maintenance. This Fast and efficient result was possible thanks to a collaborative development at several levels. Soleil developed the TANGO device server for the Libera brilliance which was then re-used and improved by the other Instituts within the collaboration: Elettra, Alba and ESRF. The FPGA firmware for the Communication Controller of the Fast Orbit Feedback was initially developed at the Diamond Light Source and also used by Soleil and the ESRF and is now become a standard option of the Libera.