The Spiral2 Command Control Software Organisation and Management.
J.-F.Gournay, Y.Lussignol (CEA) C.H.Haquin, D.T.Touchard*, E.Lecorche, E.Lemaitre, L.Philippe, P.Gillette, P.Lermine (GANIL)
The Spiral2 project aims to provide a new facility able to produce and study rare ions. To ease collaboration between laboratories involved in software development, the command control team has chosen the EPICS software. At an upper layer, high level applications will be programmed in Java while the XAL framework is currently under investigation. A development skeleton, programming rules, subversion development tools are about to be fixed on to achieve the whole organisation. Program developers will be able to generate generic EPICS applications which can be integrated in each IOC VME crate or LINUX box. Furthermore, Spiral2 beam control equipment will be described in a relational database and a program will be provided to automatically generate EPICS flat databases. The aim of this paper is to describe this organisation and the benefits for the Spiral2 command control team.