Alba, A Tango Based Control System in Python
D.Fernandez-Carreiras*, F.Becheri, J.Klora, R.Suñé, S.Blanch, S.Rubio-Manrique, T.Coutinho (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron)
Alba is a member of the Tango collaboration. We have focused on the development of support for Python in Tango having now most of device servers and and clients based on Python. On the client side python is combined with Qt (Nokia) / PyQT (RiverBank) for graphical inferfaces and ipython for command line interfaces. Python is fast and suitable for most device servers, and gives an enormous flexibility in terms of evaluation of expressions, and embedded on-line calculations. On the other hand, Alba has also developed specific servers in C++, and uses others written in C++ and Java made available by the members of the Collaboration, which Tango integrates perfectly with the python ones in the control system.