Automation of the Experiment on the VEPP-4 Facility
A.G.Shamov, D.Bolkhovityanov, O.A.Plotnikova, S.E.Karnaev*, S.I.Mishnev (BINP SB RAS)
The VEPP-4 Control System is based on using CAMAC-embedded controller ODRENOK, which was designed 25 years ago*. In 90th PCs were implemented into the control system for data storing and visualization**. Since this period a lot of new devices and technologies were accommodated for the accelerator control on the VEPP-4 facility. This paper includes a description of the recent experience of the VEPP-4 control system operation based on communication of PCs with old computers. Automation of the operations on the high energy physics experiments is presented. The long time data storage system based on postgreSQL server is described.
* A.Aleshaev, et al, VEPP-4 Control System, ICALEPCS'95, 1995, Chicago, USA** A.Aleshaev, et al, Integration of PCs into the VEPP-4 Control System, PCaPAC, 2005, GUAS (Hayama), Japan