FESA Frontend Framework for the FAIR Accelerator Complex
A.Schwinn, D.Pfeiffer, K.Höppner*, S.Matthies (GSI)
The FESA - Frontend Software Architecture framework is developed at CERN for being used in the LHC and its injectors. It is a framework to easily integrate accelerator equipment such as magnet power supplies, vacuum and cryogenic components and beam-diagnostic devices. GSI decided to use FESA for its FAIR project (Facility for Antiproton- and Ion Research). The FAIR project has challenging and complex requirements. New heavy ion accelerators will be constructed. Numerous international cooperation partners will contribute to the project. Thus, many device drivers that were developed within the GSI controls group in the past will be supplied as third party contributions that need to fulfil the control system standards. The well established FESA framework will ease to keep a common standard in software development from the various contributor. We will present the current status and first results of the integration of FESA devices at GSI.