New PC-Based RF Control System of the K-800 Superconducting Cyclotron At Infn Lns
A.Longhitano (ALTEK) L.Xia (CIAE) A.C.Caruso*, A.Spartà (INFN/LNS)
The control of the radio frequency system of the k-800 superconducting cyclotron at INFN-LNS since the first 1988 version, has been a combination of analog and digital techniques.The analog systems still mantain a certain priority in the control of the amplitudes and phases of the RF voltages, while for the remaining operative blocks, the approach adopted is mostly digital.A new computer-based control of the RF system is going to be fully developed.The first results are already installed in parallel mode with the old RF computer control.At the moment two parallel computer controls are working together.Both systems are complementary.Step by step the new computer control system takes the place of the old more dated one.This report shows the new computer architecture, including the new panel controls, the communications bus, the interfaces between the PC and the RF blocks and the custom and the industrial solutions adopted for this new RF computer control.