The SPARC Control System
M.Quattromini, V.Surrenti (ENEA C.R. Frascati) D.Filippetto, E.Chiadroni, E.Pace, F. A.Anelli, G.Di Pirro*, L.Cultrera, M.Bellaveglia, S.Fioravanti (INFN/LNF) A.Cianchi (Università di Roma II Tor Vergata Physics Department)
We describe the control system operation for the ne injector project built at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati INFN (SPARC). The injector started the operation in the autumn of the 2007 and the control systems has been full operating since the start of commissioning and integrate all tools to help the whole machine operation from the gun until the undulator. The SPARC control system must follow all evolution in the machine installation. To allow us a rapid develop of the control system we have made some commercial choices: Labview as developing system; Gigabit Ethernet as interconnection bus with a simple TCP/IP protocol and mainly standard PC as front-end CPU and console. We developed control applications for all machine elements and diagnostic tools. We also developed some tools to help the operation such as an electronic logbook full integrated in the console windows and an automatic process to store all information.