Conceptual Design of the PLS-II Control System
J.C.Yoon* (PAL)
PLS will begin the PLS-II project that has been funded by the Korean Government in order to further upgrade the PLS which has operated since 1994. Conceptual design of the PLS-II control system of PLS is proposed. The control system design is based on EPICS toolkits. Guidelines for hardware platform and operating system choice will be addressed. The EPICS test bed will be setup to evaluate various selected hardware and software components. Upgrade the PLS control system computer servers, distributed workstations, and networking switches to improve performance, reliability and to replace aging systems. The open architecture will facilitate machine upgrade, modification without toil and minimized efforts for machine maintenance. Performance and reliability of the control system will be guaranteed from the initial design phase.
PLS-II, Control System, EPICS, Improve