A New DAQ Installation for the SIS18 Beam Position Monitoring System at GSI
G.Jansa, I.Verstovsek, J.Bobnar, M.Sekoranja, S.Sah (Cosylab) G.Froehlich, J.Fitzek, K.Höppner, K.Höppner*, K.Lang, M.Schwickert, P.Kowina, R.Mueller (GSI)
The BPM system for the heavy ion synchrotron SIS18 consists of 12 shoe-box pick-ups. Their analog signals are digitized by Libera Hadron units, manufactured by I-Tech, Slovenia. In addition, the Libera is used for an FPGA based online position calculation. Due to this high rate of 12 times 60 MB/s at 5 MHz bunch frequency, a dedicated 10 bit network is used to concentrate the data from all Liberas on two concentrator PCs. Besides all control actions, these PCs are running the DAQ server applications, developed and produced within the CERN made Front-End Software Architecture (FESA).These servers are also used for further data manipulation such as tune and closed orbit measurements. As a mediator between the FESA front-end and the JAVA GUI application level, the CMW/RDA middleware, also developed at CERN, is used. Due to the modular layout, the system is already extensible for the SIS 100 and SIS300 BPM systems at the Facility of Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR). The implementation of the high speed data transfer, the FESA servers and the Java GUI application is presented.