New Event-based Control System for Simultaneous Top-up Operation at KEKB and PF
A.Kazakov, K.Furukawa*, M.Satoh, T.Suwada (KEK) S.Kusano, T.Kudou (MELCO SC)
The 8-GeV linac at KEK provides electrons and positrons to three ring accelerators of KEKB-HER, KEKB-LER and Photon Factory. Simultaneous top-up injections to those rings are carried for the ultimate experimental results at the both KEKB and PF facilities. An event-based fast control system was newly constructed overlapping the existent EPICS control system. The new system controls the distant equipment globally utilizing event modules from MRF and several other techniques. The event system enables fast controls from pico-second to milli-second range, and the conventional EPICS system covers slower controls. More than 100 parameters are driven globally by the event system every 20ms pulse in order to generate beams with three-times different energies and 100-times different charges. And more than 500 parameters are observed synchronously to ensure the beam operation. The system enables the future accelerator complex such as SuperKEKB as well. This paper describes the detailed design of the hardware and software structures, beam operation experiences, and possible extensions towards the future.