NSLS-II Insertion Device Controls Plan
D.A.Harder, J.Rank, L.R.Dalesio, T.Tanabe* (BNL)
Controls on insertion devices usually comprise of motor controls, cooling water for in-vacuum devices, various sensors such as limit switches and temperature sensors. Interlocks are provided indendently from the device controls. They have been considered "slow" control elements and very little attentions have been paid to the response and latency of ID controls. However, current project scope of NSLS-II project demands very tight tolerance of beam movement of submicron level. More frequent use of elliptically polarizing undulators (EPUs) also requires synchronized movement between gap and phase motions to ensure the stability. Furthermore, future demand for synchronization of ID state and beamline components prompt more sophisticated schemes. Synchronous Device Interface (SDI) is originally proposed for fast feedback I/O interface and integration of some ID controls to SDI is proposed.