Orbit Feedback in Taiwan Light Source
C.H.Kuo*, K.T.Hsu, P.C.Chiu (NSRRC)
The global orbit feedback system is indispensable for the Taiwan Light Source (TLS) operation. The existed orbit feedback system has been deployed for a decade to stabilize electron closed orbit. This orbit feedback system is used to suppress various perturbations include orbit excursion due to insertion device operation in TLS. To take advantage of advanced in BPM and power supply technology, the feedback system is upgraded recently accompany with BPM electronic and corrector power supply upgrade; infrastructure of new system has also been modified and rebuilt. Orbit stability is improved drastically. Efforts of digital BPM (Libera Brillance), PWM power supply, orbit feedback system, on-line system modeling, diagnostic access, and control rules upgrade with reduced ill-conditioned response matrix will be presented in this report. Planning the global orbit feedback system based upon experiences accumulate form TLS project for the newly proposed Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) will be summary also.