Fast Orbit Feedbacks for DELTA
D.Schirmer, D.Schirmer*, G.Schuenemann, P.Towalski, T.Weis (DELTA)
The 1.5 GeV electron storage ring at the university light source DELTA suffers from fast orbit movement. Its frequency spectrum points to girder movement, line frequency and its harmonics and the influence of the booster ramp as the sources of beam position noise. Fast orbit feedback systems developed at the DIAMOND light source and the Syncrotron SOLEIL ready to cope with this kind of beam noise are based on I-Tech Libera BPM electronics. Based on the XUPV2P FPGA development board we have developed a digital frontend for the Bergoz MX-BPMs employed at DELTA that integrates seamlessly into the feedback loops based on I-Tech Liberas. A fast local orbit feedback has been set up so far. It will be extended to a global orbit feedback in the near future.