Libera Brilliance and Libera Photon Working Together in Fast Orbit Feedback
A.Kosicek*, P.Leban (Instrumentation Technologies)
Libera Brilliance is already a standard Beam Position Processor system, which provides data flows at different sampling rates and bandwidths. It is widely used in the Fast Orbit Feedback system. For this purpose data flow (called FA) at 10 kHz sampling rate is used. Two standard protocols can be employed for integration, GB Ethernet or DLS Communication Controller. Libera Photon is a new photon beam position processor, which is used on blade-based XBPMs. Similar as Libera Brilliance, it provides dataflows at different sampling rates. Sampling frequency of the Libera Photon FA was carefully chosen to exactly match the Libera Brilliance FA. This makes possible a smooth and simple integration of both devices into the same Fast Orbit Feedback. With both devices sharing also the same control system interface, the combined system provides a firm foundation for further stabilization of the beam.