Multi-platform Processor Framework for Data Analysis, Data Acquisition and Simulation
N.Xiong*, P.Hathaway (ANSTO)
The multi-platform processor framework is a model-based environment for developing data acquisition, data analysis, and simulation applications for neutron scattering facilities in the Bragg Institute, ANSTO. This open-source project is designed to help developing, integrating and reusing implementations from multi-domains. The processor framework has a data-centric architecture which helps to maintain quality and integration. It provides templates for developers to contribute modules in different domains and in different programming languages. And these modules can be put together with prescription files in the deployment or at runtime by the user to perform different tasks. To the user, it provides a convenient way of reusing module blocks. Users that familiar with different programming languages can work together on the same project supported by this framework. A user-friendly, customisable GUI based on rich client platform is designed for this project. The project has been integrated with the Gumtree[1] software project at ANSTO, providing service to data acquisition and analysis applications.
[1] T.Lam, N.Hauser, A.Gotz, P.Hathaway, F.Franceschini & H.Rayner, 'GumTree-An integrated scientific experiment environment', Physica B 385-386, 1330-1332 (2006)