Dynamic Attributes and Other Functional Flexibilities of PyTango
R.Suñé, S.Rubio-Manrique*, T.Coutinho (CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron) E.T.Taurel (ESRF)
ALBA, member of the Tango Collaboration, is a third generation Synchrotron under construction near Barcelona. Development of ALBA Control System soon required of highly customizable interfaces for the multiple PLCs, Vacuum and DAQ equipments being tested. On-the-run dynamic attribute creation, customized calculations, configurable state composing and attribute-grouping have been achieved applying Python; a dynamic object-oriented language with an easy syntax accessible to operators. Other new features has been added to the Control System, such as multiple device classes inheritance and integration of HW API's and high-level tools in the same processes. PyTango, the Python API of Tango, is actually the common platform for most of User and Hardware interfaces developed at ALBA.