Constructing EPICS Environments Upon Fedora/Ubuntu Servers for SSRF and SDUV-FEL Control System
G.Y.Jiang* (SSRF)
The Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) is a third-generation of synchrotron radiation light source in China which began construction in Dec., 2004 and will start commission from May, 2009. The control system of SSRF is constructed based on EPICS with the key characteristics of using Ethernet as main field bus and large amount of Linux soft IOCs instead of VME machines. Targeting on this architecture, an distributed control system environment of EPICS base running on Fedora core 5 servers has been set up to fulfill the commissioning software and all subsystem device control requirements. At the same time, Shanghai deep ultra-violet free electron laser source (SDUV-FEL), as a pre-search of Chinese hard X-ray FEL project, its control system is an extended system based on an existed 100Mev linac control system, will be upgraded from EPICS base 3.13 to 3.14.10. In the conditions of experience from SSRF' control system and the advantages of Ubuntu server 8.10, we explore the feasibility of switching EPICS running and development environment from fedora to Ubuntu servers. The method of constructing these two distributed control environments will be discussed.