An Integration Testing Facility for the CERN Accelerator Controls System
C.G.A.Dehavay, J.C.Bau, M.Arruat, M.Sobczak, N.Stapley*, S.Deghaye, W.Sliwinski (CERN)
A major effort has been invested in the design, development, and deployment of the LHC Control System. This large control system is made up of a set of core components and dependencies, which although are tested individually, are often not able to be tested together on a system capable of representing the complete control system environments including hardware. Furthermore, the control system is being adapted and applied to CERN's whole accelerator complex and particularly the forthcoming renovation of the PS accelerators. To ensure quality is maintained as the system evolves, and to improve defect prevention, the Controls group launched a project to provide a dedicated facility for continuous, automated, integration testing of its core components to incorporate into its production process. We describe the project, initial lessons from its application, status, and future directions.