QTango: a Qt Based Framework for Tango Graphical Control Panels
C.Scafuri, C.Scafuri* (ELETTRA)
QTango is a framework integrating the Tango control system with Trolltech's Qt4 core and GUI libraries. It implements an efficient multithreaded and object oriented architecture, letting software developers easily and quickly compose Tango aware control system panels. Creation of device proxies, event subscription, device polling, device centric threads, error logs and other features are transparently available through the core of the QTango library. The library is distributed together with a set of widgets wearing a pleasant, easy to use and HCI (Human Computer Interaction) oriented interface. The kit of QTango widgets includes labels, buttons, linear and circular gauges, numeric writers, spin boxes, line edits and different kind of plots. The core library allows straightforward development and integration of new graphical elements. Version 3, the new major release of the framework, is the basis for the design of the graphical user interfaces of the FERMI@Elettra FEL facility control system.