RADE - A Rapid Application Development Framework Used for LHC Hardware Commissioning Tools and Other Accelerator Related Applications
A.Raimondo, A.Rijllart*, C.Charrondiere, D.Kudryavtsev, H.Reymond, M.Nybo, M.Zerlauth, O.O.Andreassen (CERN) S.Shaipov (JINR)
A set of tools has been developed for the LHC Hardware Commissioning to analyse and validate the electrical circuits, the powering systems and their associated protection equipment. The choice was made to develop these tools using a Rapid Application Development Framework based on LabVIEW, because it was the most suited to fulfill the requirements of flexibility, adaptability, quality, integration into the LHC accelerator control software and light maintenance. The framework and the developed tools are described, in particular the interfaces to C++ and Java, and we report on the experience of their use during the LHC Hardware Commissioning, together with two other examples of the use of RADE for very different applications: The CLIC Two-beam test stand viewer and the Multi-Alignment Control System.