Tdct - a Configuration Tool for EPICS Runtime Databases
R.Keitel* (TRIUMF)
The EPICS runtime data bases for the ISAC Radioactive Beam Facility at TRIUMF are developed using Capfast[*]. Capfast is a tool for drawing electronics schematics. EPICS runtime functionality is configured using an EPICS function block symbol library. A translation tool, which was developed in the EPICS collaboration generates the runtime databases from the Capfast schematics. Capfast provides excellent hierarchy support, but has a cumbersome user interface, major limitations and is not fully EPICS aware. As TRIUMF has a big investment in its schematic hierarchy, a compatible tool Tdct was developed, which overcomes the limitations of Capfast. Tdct was developed in Java, is fully EPICS aware and supports the whole development process from schematic drawing to runtime database generation.
* Phase Three Logic, Beaverton, Oregon, USA