ScienceStudio: A Project Status Update
D.G.Maxwell, D.Liu, D.Medrano, E.Matias* (CLS) Y.Yan (Concordia University) C.H.Armstrong, J.Haley (IBM) M.Bauer (The University of Western Ontario) M.Fuller, S.McIntryre (UWO)
As part of a joint project the Canadian Light Source, the University of Western Ontario, IBM and Concordia University are in the process of building an integrated experiment management system. This system utilizes web-browsers as a thin client that can be connected to servers at the CLS over conventional Ethernet or User Configurable Light Paths. The system is based on a Service Oriented Architecture and provides access control, data acquisition, data storage and data visualization. More recently work on the system has included implementation of user office functionality, integrated control of an EPICS based beamline and analysis codes.