Eclipse RCP on the Way to the Web
J.Hatje*, M.R.Clausen (DESY)
The next generation of Eclipse (version 4.0) is planned for release summer 2010. It is based on current Eclipse and OSGi technology but with a new concept for the API and User Interface (UI). The API is refactored into services that form a uniform application model to run in different contexts such as mobile, desktop or web runtime technologies. The new UI is a modeled application that allows better control over the look of Eclipse based products. In the future users can run the same Eclipse application on different platforms. At work for instance operators could use the desktop environment to control the machine while at home they configure the alarm system in a browser or cellular phone. Nevertheless developers have to manage just one source code and do not have to care about the platform. Eclipse 4.0 maintains backwards compatibility for public API. Therefore existing Eclipse RCP applications can integrate useful new features without migrating the whole code at once. This paper will give an overview of the Eclipse strategy to support applications on the web and its impact on existing Eclipse RCP applications like Control System Studio.