Using Wordpress as a Simple and Reliable Electronic Logbook for the Heidelberg Ionenstrahl-Therapie Centrum (HIT) Accelerator Control System
A.Peters, J.M.Mosthaf*, S.Hanke (HIT)
After the breakdown of a java/XML based electronic logbook (elog), the decision to use a more mature and reliable approach based on dynamic web and database technology was made. Target was to provide operators with a reliable and easily used system to record and discuss incidents during shifts, write error reports with screenshots and build and maintain a section of troubleshooting tips or "frequently asked questions" (FAQs). Several systems were evaluated and the combination of php scripting and MySQL database, as well as the excellent community support with plugins, customisations and bugfixing of the free publishing platform Wordpress, lead to a test installation. This test installation was then customized with themes and plugins to accommodate as much of the wishes of the operators as possible. After several months of live testing in the control room and some tweaking of the used plugins and theme, the HIT Elog is now accepted by the operators and used on a daily basis.