Upgrade the Machine Status Broadcast System by PHP Framework
C.H.Kuo, J.Chen, K.H.Hu, K.T.Hsu, Y.-S.Cheng*, Y.-T.Chang (NSRRC)
To improve the display quality and enhance expandability of machine status broadcasting, the existing cable TV will be replaced by a network interface to transmit the machine status display. To access the display page without installing other toolkit easily, we use a network browser to show the machine status display. Thus we implement a broadcast system by the PHP Framework on Linux server and show main machine status, trend plots and images. Then we use a thin PC (loaded OS and browser) to combine LCD TV to show the full-frame display page. By means of it, the machine status display is clearer to be observed. On the other hand, to reduce impacts of the network bandwidth, we avoid using the additional applet to aggravate the network bandwidth. Our design will be based on low network loading to upgrade the machine status broadcast system. Moreover we will measure the variation of network throughput to learn the effect of numbers of accessing clients. According to the measurement result, we can estimate the relation between the network loading and numbers of accessing clients.