Mobile Framework for Beamline Control and Monitoring
P.Duval (DESY) A.Pazos*, M.DiCastro, U.R.Ristau (EMBL)
The control of a beamline is operated from different fixed points attached to the control network. In many situations, like maintenance and commissioning of the hardware, is desirable to have a mobile access that allows a visual inspection and a control-monitoring at the same time. Moreover, the possibility of immediately access to the status information is also very useful. We present a new framework to develop control applications for mobile devices. We include two different kinds of access between the mobile device and the hardware. Thanks to the integration of the TINE control system inside Windows CE, we support the development of clients that access directly the control network in the beamline areas. A set of mobile web-interfaces that allows the remote monitoring of the current status is also shown. This is helpful for beamline users that can monitor their data collection remotely from a mobile device. Different possibilities for the wireless connection are also evaluated and presented. As a demonstration example we include the description of a running prototype.
*An Embedded Distributed System Based on TINE and Windows CE, A. Pazos, et. al, Proceedings PCaPAC2008