Automatic Inventory and Configuration Management Tools for the LHC Power Converter Controls
Q.King, S.T.Page*, Z.Zaharieva (CERN)
The LHC has more than 1700 power converters of a variety of different designs, each of which is itself composed of many hardware components. These components must be individually tracked throughout their lifetimes for inventory purposes. Additionally, each component may have associated configuration and calibration values that must follow the component wherever it is installed within the accelerator. The complete history of the inventory and configurations must be retained as well as the calibration values in order to track their evolution. With such a large machine the probability of human error is high, therefore an automated solution is desirable. A system was put in place for the LHC power converter controls that automatically detects the connection of a new device, updates its location and loads its configuration and calibration values from a database within a few seconds. The identification of all key components is remotely readable via the control system. This paper describes the system, detailing its architecture, choices made and results achieved as well as challenges overcome during its implementation.