Infor EAM/MTF: The CERN's Global Equipment Data Repository
D.Widegren, P.Martel, S.Mallon Amerigo*, S.Petit (CERN)
Infor EAM/MTF is the official equipment maintenance and asset tracking system at CERN. It has become a central repository for data gathered throughout the entire equipment's lifecycle: specifications, nominal values, manufacturing data, results of tests and measurements, non-conformities, commissioning data, logging of breakdowns, maintenance interventions, etc. Even though it has not been explicitly designed for control applications purposes, Infor EAM/MTF helps and is complementary to their information systems. Also, some of the data logged by control applications that might be of interest to other systems can be made publicly available through MTF. Some major benefits of the collaboration between Infor EAM/MTF and control systems have been the enforcement of the CERN equipment naming conventions and the standardized access to data regardless of the type of equipment. Data in Infor EAM /MTF are made available to control clients via web interfaces or in more tailored and efficient ways by directly accessing the Oracle database upon which Infor EAM/MTF is built. Some examples of data sharing between Infor EAM/MTF and control applications are presented in this paper.