Experimental Data Storage Management in NeXus Format at Synchrotron SOLEIL
A.Buteau*, C.Marchal, P.Martinez (SOLEIL)
At Synchrotron SOLEIL, twenty Beamlines are already in operation and produce daily a lot of experimental data files in a range from a few Mb up to 10Gb. Almost all experimental data are stored using the NeXus data format [1]. It is a logical format based on a physical format HDF, able to store any kind of scientific data produced in Neutron or Synchrotron sources. Besides, the NeXus format allows recording experimental data together with all needed contextual like experiment, instrumentation, sample, user's information' Several tools are developed or under development at SOLEIL: a web data browser to retrieve, browse and download data, a command line tool used to export data from NeXus in ASCII or binary data file... The storage system is fully integrated into the Tango bus [2] through a set of dedicated devices. Therefore it's possible to record any data coming from Tango devices into a NeXus file. The storage system is designed to allow recording data from various data sources using a plug-in system. In terms of hardware, a high availability system with the innovator concept of cellular storage "Active Circle" [3] is used since December 2006.
[1] : http://www.nexusformat.org/Main_Page [2] : reference "Status of the SOLEIL Control System, this conference"[3] : http://www.active-circle.com/