Development of COM Express VME Carrier Board with Remote Management Capability
T.Masuda*, T.Ohata (JASRI/SPring-8)
VME market is shrinking gradually. We have recently faced with difficulty that our choice of VME CPU boards from the market has been restricted. Since over two hundreds of VME computers have been deployed, we have to solve the difficulty. We, therefore, design and develop a COM Express VME carrier board. It is equipped with the VME64x interface and the PICMG standardized COM Express interface. We can build up our VME CPU board by combining the carrier board with a suitable COM in the growing COM Express market. We design the carrier board to realize another solution for the difficulty. That is, the VMEbus can be controlled from its PMC/XMC slot without using a COM Express module. High-reliable server computer would be a VME controller via a PCI or PCI Express extension like Serial Rapid I/O, for example. In addition, we design the carrier board to support remote management functions. The daughter board attached onto the carrier will provide VME/COM monitoring function, VMEbus reset function and KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) over IP function via an independent network interface on the carrier. The design details and the available functions will be presented.