Preliminary Planning of Taiwan Photon Source Control Network
C.H.Kuo, J.Chen, K.T.Hsu, Y.-S.Cheng, Y.-T.Chang* (NSRRC)
The future Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) control network is used for the accelerator system control and it is one of the most important infrastructures for the control system which is based upon the EPICS toolkit framework. The TPS network is built to be a modern, reliable, flexible and secure environment between public and private Ethernet with various network control and monitor technique. These include of firewall, SNMP, QOS, VPN, etc. Network tunneling technique will be applied in the remote access, out of TPS especially. The Ethernet will be intensively used as field bus also, topology of the field bus is also considered. This paper will describe the preliminary planning and conceptual design for the TPS control system network. We also discuss the system architecture in this conference that consists of cabling topology, redundancy and maintainability.