Development of High Resolution Large Display for SPring-8 Central Control Room
A.Yamashita, R.Fujihara, T.Hamano* (JASRI/SPring-8)
We developed a large size high resolution display wall for SPring-8 central control room. The display wall consists of twenty-four inexpensive LCD displays that are controlled by personal computers. A PC-cluster consists of six personal computers interconnected by Ethernet drives twenty four 20.1-inch(1600 x 1200pixel) LCD displays. Those displays are arranged into 8x3 segment to achieve 46 million pixels(12800 x 3600pixel) resolution. A software XDMX* handles 24 displays as one X-Window server. This paper describes construction, configuration and testing of the high resolution display wall.
*XDMX:Xdmx(Distributed Multihead X) is multi-head support software for some attached displays to personal computers.