The Automation of Working Cycle for the KCSR Booster Synchrotron.
E.V.Kaportsev, K.Kuznetsov, L.A.Moseiko, N.I.Moseiko, Y.L.Yupinov, Y.V.Krylov* (RRC)
Kurchatov Synchrotron Radiation Source (KSRS) consists of 2.5 GeV main storage ring, 450 MeV booster storage ring and 80 MeV linac. The running cycle of KSRS booster includes the injection of electrons with energy 80 MeV from the linear accelerator, the accumulation of an electron current up to 400 mA and, then, electron energy ramping up to 450 MeV with the subsequent extraction of electrons in the main ring. The control system is based on the distributed network of the processors operating technological systems of KSRS. The operational level of control system is realized as a local network of the personal computer. Means of work of the operator is the set of the applied programs realizing inquiries to a control system. The database describing logic channels of the control, modes of the technological systems and the script of the running cycle of an accelerating facility is developed. Examples of realization of the software used in operative work KSRS are given.