Orbit Display Software for CLIC Test Facility (CTF3) at CERN
F.Tecker, J.-M.Nonglaton (CERN) B.S.Srivastava*, N.Lulani, P.Fatnani, P.Shrivastava, R.K.Agrawal (RRCAT)
The CLIC study aims at demonstrating the feasibility of a multi-TeV linear collider. The test facility CTF3 will demonstrate the key issues of the upcoming CLIC project. CTF3 is presently being built and commissioned at CERN by an international collaboration. Essential for commissioning and operation of CTF3 is a display of the beam orbit. The Orbit Display Software package is a GUI application which displays orbit information for various sectors of CTF3 i.e. the Linac, transfer lines and rings. This software uses java swing library to develop the user interface panels and JAPC (Java API for Parameter Control) library for accessing the hardware. The Orbit Display Software graphically displays beam intensity and transverse positions, over multiple turns in the rings including average, difference and reference traces, etc during travel of the beam through various parts of the machine. The package provides all the necessary functions required for diagnostics of beam orbits. This paper will briefly describe the features and functionalities of this package and development methodology used.