The LHC Post Mortem Analysis Framework
A.Castaneda, A.Rijllart, D.Khasbulatov, H.Reymond, I.Romera Ramirez, M.Zerlauth*, N.Trofimov, O.O.Andreassen, R.Gorbonosov, V.Baggiolini (CERN)
The LHC with its unprecedented complexity and criticality of beam operation will need thorough analysis of data taken from systems such as power converters, interlocks and beam instrumentation during events like magnet quenches and beam loss. The causes of beam aborts or in the worst case equipment damage have to be revealed to improve operational procedures and protection systems. The correct functioning of the protection systems with their required redundancy has to be verified after each such event. Post mortem analysis software for the control room has been prepared with automated analysis packages in view of the large number of systems and data volume. This paper recalls the requirements for the LHC Beam Post Mortem System and the necessity for highly reliable Post Mortem Data collection mechanisms. It describes in detail the redundant architecture for data collection as well as the chosen implementation of a multi-level analysis framework, allowing for automated analysis and qualification of a beam dump event based on expert provided analysis modules. It concludes with an example of the data taken during first beam tests in September 2008 with a first version of the system.