Calibration of the Beam Position Monitors for VEPP-2000
Yu. A.Rogovsky* (BINP SB RAS)
The basic requirement for the VEPP-2000 beam position monitor (BPM) is the measurement of the beam orbit with 0.1 mm precision. To improve the measurement accuracy, the response of the beam position monitors was mapped in the laboratory before they were installed in the VEPP-2000 ring. The wire method is used for the sensitivity calibration and position-to-signal mapping. The test stand consists of high frequency coaxial switches to select each pickup electrode, movable antenna to simulate the beam, signal source, spectrum analyzer to measure the pickup signals, and analysis software. This calibration measurement showed possibility of required accuracy. During calibration the electrical center of the different BPM was measured with respect to the mechanical center. Conversion between the BPM signal and the actual beam position is done by using polynomial expansions fit to the mapping data within ±6 mm square. Results for these portions of the calibration are presented.
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, SB RAN