Versatile Network Stream Capture Tool Using Java for High Energy Accelerator Control Systems
N.Kanaya* (Ibaraki University Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
A network stream capture tool has been developed to monitor and capture control data and information encapsulated in network stream for distributed control systems for high energy accelerator control systems. The tool allows capturing data streams between specific computers, and dumping the stream data into a file. The data can be browsed using graphic user interface (GUI), either binary, ASCII, UTF-8, and hexadecimal formats to analyze and debug communication protocol employed among computers for the control systems. The tool has been implemented using Java, and thus ported to various platforms, including Linux, Solaris and Windows, providing versatile functionality necessary for multi-computer control systems. This paper describes design and implementation of the network stream capture tool in detail.
Shintaro Mori, Noriichi Kanaya, Akihiko Shikanai, Takuya Saito, and Yuki Hayami
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, University of Ibaraki, Hitachi, Ibaraki, 316-8511, Japan Abstract: