System of Power Supply Ripples Measurement for VEPP-2000 Collider
A.S.Medvedko, D.E.Berkaev*, O.V.Belikov, P.Yu.Shatunov, V.R.Kozak (BINP SB RAS)
VEPP-2000 collider magnet system consists from about 200 low-current corrections of magnetic fields which powered from independent power sources. During long-term operation of collider power sources ageing occurs. This ageing reveals in output current pulsation increasing with average statistical parameters maintaining. Standard power sources automation system does not allow discovering such malfunctions which may affect on collider operation stability. For the aims of discovering the pulsation special automation system was worked out. The system in oscillographic regime gets measurements of all channels of power sources one by one and carrying out spectral analysis determines malfunctions automatically. The paper describes technique and measurements results in details.