JDDD in Action
A.Petrosyan, E.Sombrowski*, K.Rehlich, P.Gessler (DESY) J.M.Meyer (ESRF)
During the last two years the storage ring PETRA at DESY has been widely rebuild (now called PETRA III), to become soon one of the most brilliant X-ray sources worldwide. The vacuum controls of this third generation light source have been implemented using DOOCS and TINE on the hardware level and jddd (Java DOOCS Data Display) on the GUI layer. jddd is a graphical editor for designing and running control system applications. It allows a simple creation of complex control panels with a rich set of ready-made components/widgets. The ongoing commissioning of PETRA III proved that jddd fits the requirements of good control applications in terms of stability, reliability and performance. Currently 4 different control system interfaces are implemented in jddd: DOOCS, TINE, TANGO and EPICS. Even mixing values of these control systems can be done, allowing an interoperability between the different worlds. That makes jddd interesting not only for DESY but also for other institutes. jddd is available as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is currently evaluated by various institutes like ESRF, PSI, Soleil, Trieste (using TANGO) and PSI, ITER, Cornell (using EPICS).