HWII, a Hardware Inventory and Integration Database for the Virgo Project
F.Carbognani, F.Carbognani*, G.Hemming (EGO)
Triggered by the need to properly follow the intensive electronic hardware upgrades associated to the Virgo+ enhancement program, the Hardware Inventory and Integration (HWII) database tool has been developed and deployed. HWII goes far beyond the typical scope of a spare part/hardware database by incorporating information relating to identification, localisation and physical connectivity to other parts. A web-based interface enables the user to easily locate parts by navigating a tree integration chain, which also includes connectivity information. Relation schematics, including part/sub-parts and/or connectivity, can be generated by the HWII through complementary operation tools. New part information can easily be added using a Part-Part Type management system and a dedicated C API is available for dynamically linking the database with other Virgo control applications. HWII also connects to a suite of Virgo web applications such as the Logbook and document codifier. Having successfully supported the Virgo+ upgrade phase, HWII is being used in preparation for the coming long Science Run (VSR2). It will also be a key tool for the currently developing Advanced Virgo Project.
European Gravitational Observatory (EGO)