Recent Changes in the 500 MeV Cyclotron's Central Control System to Reduce Beam Downtime and Beam On/Off Transitions
E.Klassen, J.J.Pon*, K.S.Lee, M.Mouat, M.Trinczek, P.J.Yogendran (TRIUMF)
Recently at TRIUMF there has been an effort to reduce the downtime of scheduled beam and to reduce the number of beam on/beam off transitions on the radioactive ion beam (RIB) targets. In this pursuit, the 500 MeV cyclotron's Controls Group identified and proposed certain areas of improvement. Working with the Beam Delivery and Operations Groups improvements have been developed and now run in production mode. This paper will detail the introduction of three software measures that resulted in beam delivery enhancements. Specifically, 1) a more stable beam current, 2) a more centered beam, and 3) a new concept called "soft trips". Together, these measures reduce the number of beam trips, shorten beam recovery times, reduce thermal shocks on the RIB target, and simplify accelerator operation.