Preliminary Test of EPICS Waveform Support for TPS
C.H.Kuo, C.Y.Wu, J.Chen, K.H.Hu, K.T.Hsu, Y.-S.Cheng* (NSRRC)
The TPS (Taiwan Photon Source) is newly proposed the 3 GeV synchrotron light source project. The control system of TPS is based upon EPICS framework. Waveform acquisition supports are essential for the commissioning and operation. The EPICS IOCs, scope IOCs, digitizers and oscilloscopes can support to acquire waveform through EPICS channel access. The EDM is used to implement the operation interface. The control environments of TPS provide specific operation EDM pages of waveform acquired from EPICS IOC, digitizers and oscilloscopes with various sampling rate and vertical resolution. The environment is implemented and tested at the Taiwan Light Source (TLS). The efforts will be summaries at this report.